Puscifer Lyrics

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“V” is for Vagina

  1. DoZo Lyrics
  2. Vagina Mine Lyrics
  3. Momma Sed Lyrics
  4. Drunk With Power Lyrics
  5. The Undertaker Lyrics
  6. Queen B Lyrics
  7. Trekka Lyrics
  8. Indigo Children Lyrics
  9. Sour Grapes Lyrics
  10. Rev 22:20 Lyrics

“V” is for Viagra

  1. The Indigo Children Lyrics
  2. Cuntry Boner Lyrics
  3. PSA, LOL!! Lyrics
  4. PSR, LOL! (Lustmord’s Mix) Lyrics
  5. DoZo Lyrics
  6. Vagina Mine Lyrics
  7. Momma Sed Lyrics
  8. Drunk With Power Lyrics
  9. Queen B Lyrics
  10. Trekka Lyrics
  11. Sour Grapes Lyrics

“D” is for Dubby – The Lustmord Dub Mixes

  1. Bone Dub Lyrics
  2. Children Of Dub Lyrics
  3. DoZo Dub Lyrics
  4. Dub V2.02 Lyrics
  5. Dub With Power Lyrics
  6. Momma Dubbed Part 1 & 2 Lyrics
  7. Sour Dub Lyrics
  8. Trekka Dub Lyrics
  9. Vagina Lyrics

“C” Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE)

  1. Polar Bear Lyrics
  2. The Mission “M Is For Milla Mix” Lyrics
  3. Momma Said “Alive At Club Nokia” Lyrics
  4. Vagina Mine “Alive At Club Nokia” Lyrics
  5. Potions “Deliverance Mix” Lyrics
  6. The Humbling River Lyrics