Fake Tool Vinyl

I know most of the Tool fans would like to get as much merch from Tool as possible, anything related to Tool or Maynard for that matter. Well, you and I are not the only ones who figured that out, there are people out there making money on people like us, they do it by selling fake Tool vinyl. Now, I am not an expert in Tool vinyl, or vinyl in general, but I know someone who is.

My friend here has compiled a Fake Tool Vinyl Guide, for all the people that want nothing but the original. Well, that is an understatement, this is an insight into the Tool Bootlegs that are made poorly that you shouldn’t even think about buying them and if you know anyone who thinks of buying them you should convince him otherwise.

Well, I won’t talk too much about vinyl, I know one thing about them and one thing only, they have a special flavor to bring and music heard from vinyl’s can be a totally different experience. To learn from the master, especially when it comes to Tool vinyl you can visit Tool Vinyl site and learn where and how to get your hands on real Tool vinyl and how to avoid the fake ones.