Tool & APC New Albums, Could It Be True?

We have all been patiently waiting for Tool to release a new album. Few months back we all heard the news that Maynard James Keenan and the rest of the band are working on a new album. After that a tour was announced that is going to start real soon. Now after all that Maynard said in an interview that fans showing up for their concerts might be able to hear some things from the new album, and not just that. He also said that the fourth album of A Perfect Circle is also on the way.

We all know how Maynard is prone to joking, but this really didn’t sound like a joke. One thing is for sure, he is taking his time with both Tool’s new album and APC new album. He said that most bands trap themselves in contracts and have to release a new album, since they are on the road they have nothing to write about since they didn’t have any life. That is the difference between Tool and other bands; Tool is waiting for the experience to gather before they can make something that we all got to love over the years.

As far as the APC new album, well, I won’t be too optimistic. After all, we all know that the last sic years were all about hearsay when it comes to A Perfect Circle and a new release or a band getting back together. Maynard did say that he plans to make a song or two with Billy, so the fact that he said they have a few riffs and a few lines doesn’t mean that a new album is necessarily on the way.

Whatever the deal may be, anything new from APC, even a single or two will be refreshment for all of the loyal fans that have waited and longed for a new sound of Maynard’s side project, A Perfect Circle. Until that day comes we are looking forward to their tour, we all know how their performances can blow your mind, and we are looking forwards to hearing new songs from Tool really soon.