Other Great Tool Resources

Although Tool is one of the greatest bands in the last two decades there are not so many resources and fan sites around. The same goes for Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, so here are a few cool fan sites where you can find plenty of info about your favorite bands.

Tool Band, official Tool Site.

Puscifer, official site.

A Perfect Circle, official site.

Fourth Eye is a comprehensive Tool dedicated website, definitely a place to visit.

Schism Band NYC is probably the first, but definitely the best Tool tribute band, listening to them is a great experience.

The Maynard James Keenan Files is a Tool fan website you have to see, this guy made it personally, by himself, from scratch and it has everything you ever wanted to know about Tool. Thumbs up for Joshua Fisher, the guy who made this happen.

MaynardJamesKeenan.org is a relatively new website, but promising website.

Distortion Online is one hell of a fan site, great graphics, cool site and plenty of useful info, a must see for any Tool fan.